Superfat Nut Butter, MCT Macadamia + Probiotics

Macadamia nut butter + probiotics & MCT for super fuel to supports metabolism and brain function. 31 g plant fats, 3 g net carbs. 3 g protein. Certified Vegan. 100% Vegan. Certified Paleo. Certified Gluten-Free. This product is Keto Certified. No sugar added. Non GMO Project verified. Amazing nut butters. Plant fats. Super fuel. SuperFat is made from a delicious blend of nuts and functional ingredients. This high-density energy source is the perfect on-the-go fuel. Enjoy first thing in the morning, as a tasty mid-day meal replacement, or throw in your gym bag for the ultimate workout fuel. Powered by Ganeden BC 30 probiotic. Digestive & immune health. Put fat to work.