Gia Russa Pasta Sauce Alla Vodka

Made from hand-selected imported Italian plum tomatoes and fresh spices. Fresh reggiano parmigiano cheese. 100% Italian-grown plum tomatoes. Fresh hand-chopped basil. Minced fresh garlic and onions. Fine imported Italian olive oil. Cream & vodka. All natural. No preservatives. No sugar added. No paste added. No puree added. Gia Russa Alla Vodka select pasta sauce, begins with hand-selected Italian-grown plum tomatoes, nurtured in the sun-drenched soils of southern Italy. Sauteed with imported Italian olive oil, fresh onion and fresh garlic, they are then delicately cooked with hand-chopped fresh basil, fresh grated imported reggiano parmigiano cheese, cream and vodka. It is carefully balanced, light in texture and taste. Absolutely no paste or puree, sugar or preservatives are added to this traditionally made Alla Vodka sauce. Imported from Italy.