Murphy Oil Soap Original Wood Cleaner

Murphy® Oil Soap Original Wood Cleaner. Contains 98% naturally derived ingredients. Murphy Safely Cleans Wood®. Pure vegetable oil soap. Concentrated. Cleans to a natural shine! Murphy® oil soap trusted for over 100 years. Concentrated original formula. 98% naturally derived ingredients. No unnecessary chemicals. Phosphate free. 25-75% post-consumer recycled plastic. Finished wood surfaces: Wood floors. Cabinets. Tables & chairs. Wood paneling. Laminate floors. Bookcases. Non-wood surfaces: No-wax floors. Ceramic tile. Painted surfaces. Laundry stains. Cars. Vinyl. *Specially formulated with: water, coconut & plant- derived cleaning ingredients, natural fragrance, and 2% synthetic ingredients. Other surfaces (finished wood, furniture, cabinets and paneling): Wet cloth with diluted Murphy® oil soap liquid. Wipe clean to reveal wood's natural beauty! Member. NWFA®. National Wood Flooring Association. Design for the environment. U.S. EPA. Recognized for safer chemistry. 1-800-486-7627.