Silver Fleece® Sauerkraut 27 oz. Can

Good old fashioned taste. Since 1923. Family. The secret ingredient. In 1923 our founder, Car R. Hirzel, packed his first barrel of sauerkraut. It started then just as it does now by using the finest cabbage grown on local, family farms. Four generation later, the goal remains the same - produce the crispest best-tasting sauerkraut. From our family to yours. Four generations of quality. Pictured: Founder, Carl R. and son, Karl A. Hirzel. Oh, the possibilities! Silverfleece sauerkraut. The classic way to make any meal great. Terrific topping for hot dogs, bratwurst and baked potatoes. Excellent on ribs, pork chops and chicken. Great in salads, soups and sandwiches. Scrumptious as a side dish served warmed or chilled. Please recycle. Questions? Comments? Call us. We'll answer. 1-800-837-1631 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm EST).