Bruce's Yams, Cut Sweet Potatoes in Syrup 29 oz

Bruce's Yams Cut Sweet Potatoes in Syrup are carefully made from only the most tender part of the sweet potato called the sweetheart. For easy preparation that delivers goodness on the fly, simply heat and eat these canned vegetables. Delicious all on their own, serve these canned yams as a quick choice for dinner sides, or use them to infuse Southern flair into your favorite recipes, such as soups, casseroles and desserts. These yams in syrup are non-GMO, contain no preservatives, and they're certified by the American Heart Association to meet the criteria for a heart healthy food. Fresh sweet potatoes are quickly canned to seal in valuable nutrients making these sliced yams an ideal "super food" in a hurry. Reach for Bruce's Yams to elevate your meals from yams to yum!