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    16 oz






    35 Calories per slice. More vegetable fiber than whole wheat bread and 30% less carbohydrates. The Uniqueness of Heiner's 35: Today, many of us count calories. It is hard to realize, but two slices of Heiner's 35 do not yield any more calories than one slice of regular bread. In addition to the uniqueness of the reduction of calories, many nutrition experts now regard food fiber as one of the most important components of our daily diet. The fiber in Heiner's 35 is derived entirely from the Soy Bean and Wheat Bran. Significantly, the vegetable fiber content represents 400% more fiber than whole wheat bread, and yet the carbohydrate content of the loaf is an important 30% lower than regular bread. When you eat Heiner's 35 you are reducing your bread calories in half for each slice of this delicious bread you enjoy. We recommend it because it is unbelievably high in vegetable food fiber and in addition, unbelievably low in calorie content. Heiner's 35 is indeed smart eating. If you don't watch your figure, who will?