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    For rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Sterile. New look! 2-in-1. Daily protein remover. Disinfects. Conditions. Cushions. Cleans. Rinses. No. 1 doctor recommended brand. Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution is a one-bottle cleaning, disinfecting and conditioning product that has the added convenience of a built-in protein remover and an easy-to-use lens care regimen. Our Ingredients/What They Do: Cleaning System: Poloxamine (1107): Removes dirt and deposits from your lenses without a separate daily cleaner. Protein Removal System: Hydroxyalkylphosphonate: Removes protein deposits daily from your lenses. Disinfecting System: Chlorhexidine Gluconate (0.003%), Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (0.0005%): Dual disinfection system destroys micro-organisms. Wetting and Conditioning System: Glucam-20, Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose: Retains moisture or optimal lens wearing comfort; provides extra thickness for cushioning and handling. Because Your Eyes Are So Important: Don't experiment with just any brand. Not all gas permeable contact lens conditioning solutions are the same. Use only the brand recommended by your doctor. Same effective formula. With built-in protein remover for everyday protein removal and an easy-to-use lens care regimen for convenience. Just soak overnight (at least 4 hours) and then rub and rinse prior to lens wear. Questions or comments? 1-800-333-4730 www.bausch.com.