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    Soupergirl™ The Three Day Souper "Cleanse". Real Certified. Gluten-Free. Protein. Fiber. Nutrient packed soups. Healthy eating has never been so easy. From a mother - daughter duo. The Three Day Souper "Cleanse" includes: 3 days x 4 soups/day = 12 soups. Why do we use quotes around the word "Cleanse" This isn't a traditional "cleanse." This isn't a quick fix or a temporary "detox." This is simply healthy, clean eating. What's included: Twelve hand-crafted, all natural, ready-to-eat soups. Contains over 100 grams of plant-based protein and fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and more. What's not included: Chemicals, preservatives, unpronounceable ingredients. Too much salt, fat and sugar.