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    Since 1950. Pre-cooked maize meal. Cooks in 1 minute. Imported Italian. Cholesterol and fat free. Many Italian foods began with humble beginnings, none more so than polenta. Pulmentum as Polenta was known in Roman times has its meager beginnings as the main meal of northern Italian farmers and legionnaires who ground local grains such as buckwheat and farro and boiled it with water to make porridge. With the return of Colombus from the new world corn was introduced and quickly adopted as the crop of choice among farmers of the regions Veneto and Friuli. It was then that Polenta was produced with corn as its sole ingredient. Still a staple of Northern Italian cuisine polenta is versatile in that it can be served as porridge, fried and even cooled and is paired perfectly with such accompaniments as sausage, gorgonzola cheese or fried peppers. DeLallo offers a finely milled polenta that can be made in minutes. We at DeLallo take pride in offering authentic Italian foods with the intention of promoting the rich tradition of Italian cuisine. Thank you and enjoy. Produced and packed in Italy.