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    Nestle® Pure Life® Water. Enhanced with minerals for taste. 24 - 8 fl oz (237 ml) plastic bottles (192 fl oz [1 gal, 2 qt] [5.69 L] total). Nestle®. Good food, Good life®. Source: Deep protected wells, Stanwood, MI. Purified using reverse osmosis or distillation. Good to know: We provide high quality water through our 12-step quality process. Good to remember: Make water the first choice when it comes to daily hydration. Nutritional compass.® Please recycle. All trademarks are owned by Societe des Produits Nestle S.A., Vevey, Switzerland. Good to talk: For Questions or a Report on water quality and information Contact: Call 1-866-599-8980. www.nestlepurelife.com. ©2017.