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    Natural & artificial flavor. Microwave. 0 g trans fat per serving. 50% less fat and 25% fewer calories than regular butter microwave popping corn. 100% whole grain. Orville Redenbacher's - the only gourmet popping corn! Orville Redenbacher spent over 40 years developing the perfect popcorn - one that pops up lighter and fluffier than ordinary popcorn. This commitment to quality continues today and is what makes Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn the no. 1 popcorn and the favorite snack for so many families. No other snack draws a crowd like a warm, delicious and plentiful bowl of Orville Redenbacher's. Share some today! You'll like it better, or my name isn't Orville Redenbacher. 25% of daily grains. USDA daily recommended amounts: 6 oz equivalent grains. One serving contains 1-1/2 oz, 25% daily amount. Based on a 2000-calorie diet. Balance calories with physical activity. 100% whole grain. No added diacetyl butter flavorings. Orville Butter (35 g servings) - 12 g fat, 170 calories. Orville Light Butter (31 g serving) - 5 g fat, 120 calories.