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    24 oz






    Low fat. Cholesterol free. Good source of fiber. 0g trans fat. The master bakers at Pepperidge Farm have been making delicious breads for over 60 years - breads baked the old fashioned way, bursting with fine flavorful ingredients. Our dedication to quality is what makes our breads so wholesome. Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse breads are the embodiment of this tradition. Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse breads are baked with rich premium ingredients. These robust wide breads are soft and moist, yet strong enough to stand up to any sandwich. Our passion for creating products that delight you shows in the care we put into every detail. We value your trust in Pepperidge Farm and promise your satisfaction. Pepperidge Farm products are crafted to make every day a special day. We hope you are as passionate about eating our products are we are about making them.