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    5 oz






    Corn & potato snack. The original deli style dippin' chips. Non GMO. Certified gluten free. Resealable for your next party. Cholesterol free. Chives mixed right in. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Certified kosher dairy. No trans fat. Keep the dip on the chip. Chive inclusions. Control dip to chip ratio. Perfect for Dippin' or just plain Chippin'! Party'Tizers Potato Dippin' Chips are the first potato crisps perfect for dipping! Our unique design gives you just the right amount of dip with no mess. Best of all our crisps are sturdy enough to take on almost any dip! The recipe starts with US home grown corn and potatoes, we then mix chives right into the dough. How the recipe ends is your choice - Dip, garnish or just plain snack 'em. You'll love them any way you choose - Aldo Zuppichini. Try them all! facebook.com/dippinchips. pinterest.com/dippinchips. www.dippinchips.com. Made in USA.