• Size

    80 ct






    (49.2 l). 1 ft 11-3/4 in x 2 ft 7/8 in x 0.72 mil (60.3 cm x 63.2 cm x 18.3 mcm). Fits up to 13 gallon can. New. Look & feel. Guaranteed strong. Leak, rip and odor protection. LeakGuard. RipGuard. Grips-the-can drawstring. Tear & puncture protection. Added leak protection. Odor Shield: Neutralize odors guaranteed (For complete terms and conditions, see glad.com/the-glad-guarantee). Long-lasting 5-day odor control for even the strongest trash odors. We have you covered! Small trash. Fits up to 4 gallon cans. Tall kitchen trash. Fits up to 13 gallon cans. Large kitchen trash. Fits up to 20 gallon cans. Large outdoor trash. Fits up to 30 and 33 gallon cans. how2recycle.info. Questions? Comments? Visit our website at www.glad.com. Call 1-800-835-4523. Made in the USA of global components.