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    40 ct






    (49.2 l) 2 ft x 2 ft 3-3/8 in x 0.95 mil (top)/0.78 mil (body) (61.0 cm x 69.5 cm x 24.1/19.8 mcm). With Febreeze freshness. Fits up to 13 gallon can. 5 day odor control guaranteed (Compared to non-odor control trash bags). Neutralize odors guaranteed (For complete terms and conditions, see glad.com/the-glad-guarantee) long-lasting 5-day odor control for even the strongest trash odors, leaving behind a fresh clean scent. We have you covered! Small Trash: Fits up to 4 gallon cans. Tall Kitchen Trash: Fits up to 13 gallon cans. Large Kitchen Trash: Fits up to 20 gallon cans. Large Outdoor Trash: Fits up to 30 and 33 gallon cans. Top: Grips-the-can drawstring. Unique diamond pattern stretches to prevent tips. Middle: Reinforcing strength bands. Bottom: Thicker plastic for leak protection. Questions? Comments? Visit our website at www.Glad.com. Call 1-800-835-423. how2recycle.info. Made in USA of global components.