Zest Body Bar, Barsauna, Tsssss!

Steamy exfoliation with Himalayan pink salt, volcanic ash & eucalyptus. Step into a steamy hot shower, work up a generous lather with thus barsauna scrubbing body bar and let your senses sizzle, your skin tingle and your muscles release a whole lotta sensation. Stimulate your senses as you lather up and deep cleanse your skin. Now, allow the mineral magic of Himalayan pink salts to - make you rock. - Obvs., Barsauna - Steamy Exfoliation: Fuel your zest for life with an exfoliating blend of Himalayan pink salt, volcanic ash & eucalyptus that help soothe tired muscles and leave skin feeling tingling and revitalized., Experience Directions: This multi-sensational exfoliating body bar with a comforting hint of eucalyptus will leave your skin feeling soft, clean, cozy, warm and calm. Recyclable where facilities exist. Made in Canada.