Waterthins Cheese Twists, Parmesan & Garlic

Excellent on their own, great with dips and salad. Australian made. Great with dips and salads, or simply on their own. Waterthins Cheese Twists are the perfect snack. The many layers consist of a specialty dough and the finest of cheeses. They are seasoned with all natural herbs and spices. Waterthins cheese twists are then baked in a time honored tradition for that extra crunchiness. They are extremely versatile: Excellent to eat by themselves as a tasty and delicious snack; A great accompaniment with soups, salads as well as dips and salsas; Extremely well suited to enjoying with beer or wine; Excellent on antipasto platters. Enjoy the experience of this simple quality food that is proudly Australian owned. Waterthins Consumer Service: Address: Unit 6, 11 David St., Dandenong, Victoria 3175, Australia. If you have any queries regarding this product, please contact us by: Mail: Consumer Relations Department (at the address above). Please provide your name, address and contact and contact number, product best before date and place of purchase. Website: www.waterwheel.com.au. Product of Australia.