Pioneer Sugar Sugar, Fine Granulated

Locally grown. Locally owned. The all natural sweetener! Pure Michigan. On behalf of the nearly 1,200 growers who own Michigan Sugar, and our 2,000 employees, I thank you for purchasing pure, natural Pioneer Sugar. If you're in any way dissatisfied with our product, or you'd like more information, please let us know. Feel free to let us know if you are satisfied, too. - Mark Flegenheimer: President and CEO. Because Michigan Sugar company is owned by local growers, nearly every cent you spend on Pioneer Sugar stays in the local economy - helping provide jobs for more than 2,000 people - helping build strong communities throughout our growing region. And because Pioneer Sugar is pure, natural sugar, it adds a delightful taste at only 15 calories per teaspoon! Locally owned. In many ways, the best way to add a little local flavor. BCTGM: Bakery Confectionery Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers union made. AFL CIO CLC. Sugar - the natural sweetener. Only 15 calories per teaspoon! Submit your recipe to