Minute Broccoli & Cheese Rice Steamers 10 Oz Bag

With cheddar cheese sauce. Minute® steamers makes meal time easy! From freezer to plate in 4 minutes. Simply place the steamable bag in the microwave. Bag will inflate as it perfectly steams the rice. Minute® steamers...we can help.® Minute® steamers contain rice that is fully cooked in this convenient self-ventilating bag which makes it easy to have perfectly cooked, moist rice all the time. How easy? Simply remove the bag from the freezer, place in your microwave and steam for 4 minutes. You don't have to add anything, spend a long time cooking or dirty a pan. During the steaming process, the special self-ventilating bag will inflate and then deflate when the bag is removed from the microwave. With minute® steamers you can enjoy quick, delicious and nutritious rice any time you want. Minute® rice...we can help.® Steams in the bag! Steams in 4 minutes No cholesterol; 0g trans fat Bpa free