Sylvania Super Saver 72 Watts Halogen Clear Light Bulbs

Sylvania Super Saver® Halogen Clear. 100W replacement using only 72W. 28% energy savings*. Vivid Color™. Mercury Free™. Fully Dimmable™. Brightness 1520 lumens. Estimated energy cost $8.67 per year. 2 bulbs. A17 120V. Made in USA. Sylvania: if you are not satisfied with this product's performance, return the UPC code along with your name and address to the address on this package. We will replace your bulb free of charge. *The reduction of wattage from 100W to 72W represents a 28% savings. Compare! Nearly as much light. A17 halogen SuperSaver: 72 watts, 1520 lumens. A19 incandescent: 100 watts, 1720 lumens. Lighting facts - per bulb: Brightness - 1520 lumens. Estimated yearly energy cost $8.67. Based on 3 hrs/day, 11¢/kwh cost depends on rates and use. Life, based on 3 hrs/day - 0.9 years. Light appearance, warm, 3000 K, cool. Energy used - 72 watts. These lamps comply with federal energy efficiency labeling requirements. RoHS compliant: this light source meets European Union restrictions or hazardous substances. Sylvania and Supersaver are registered trademarks of Osram Sylvania Inc. Made in USA. 1-800-LIGHTBULB (1-800-544-4828) (US & Canada). 01 (800) 716 7007 (Mexico).