Purina Beggin' BBQ Kansas City Style Pork Dog Treats - 5.2 oz. Pouch

Bring on the meaty, rich flavor your dog loves with Purina Beggin' BBQ Kansas City Style Pork dog treats. These dog treats feature real pork as the #1 ingredient, giving you added peace of mind every time you indulge his taste buds. The irresistible aroma, enticing texture and beg-worthy taste combine to create a multisensory experience that's sure to be a hit in your household. This recipe is cooked slow for the delicious flavor your dog wants. Make each day a backyard BBQ for your canine companion's taste buds when you serve him these Purina Beggin' dog treats, and show him just what a good boy he's been. Serve these treats whole, or tear them into smaller bites for tiny rewards when he learns a new trick. With so much flavor in every bite, these delicious, meaty treats offer a mouthwatering way to share special moments with your faithful friend. Treat your dog to the unmistakable taste of real pork when you offer him Purina Beggin' BBQ Kansas City Style Pork dog treats. Each treat contains real pork as the #1 ingredient, coupled with Kansas City-style BBQ goodness, giving him a delightful snack he's bound to sit and stay for. Use these dog treats to reinforce his good behavior, or simply toss a tasty snack to your devoted dog as a way to thank him for always being by your side. We package these treats in a convenient resealable pouch, making it easy to take his favorite snacks along on trips to the dog park or beach. Tear open a pouch and let the rich aroma of pork call him to you at treat time. Serve these treats according to the feeding instructions based on your dog's weight and his overall caloric intake. For another delicious way to satisfy your dog's cravings for meaty goodness, look to our Purina Beggin' BBQ Carolina Style Chicken Dog Treats, another product in our Beggin' premium line.Your dog is your loyal companion, and you want to give him treats that keep his tail wagging. With Purina Beggin' dog treats, it's easy to provide him with what he wants. Every recipe is made with real pork or chicken, so you can feel good about the treats you serve him each day. We know you want only the best for your dog, and that's why we work to make quality our top priority. This recipe is proudly produced in U.S. facilities and checked for quality and safety throughout the production process. Give your dog the scrumptious flavor he wants at treat time and rest easy knowing he's getting a snack backed by a brand you can trust. So make your dog's mouth water by serving Purina Beggin' BBQ Kansas City Style Pork dog treats in between meals each day. Real pork is the #1 ingredient Enticing aroma captures your dog's attention Cooked slow for irresistible flavor Chewy texture keeps him excited at treat time Can be served whole or torn into smaller pieces Delicious way to reward your dog Packaged in a resealable pouch for added convenience