Top Care® Very Light Absorbency Pantiliners 26 Ct Bag

Thin, but absorbent protection for very light bladder loss. Folded and wrapped feature for convenience and discretion. Throw it into your purse and forget it is there, until you need it: 1. blue suredry layer rapidly absorbs fluid, keeping you dry. 2. contoured shape for a better fit. 3. wide adhesive band to avoid shifting and bunching - individually wrapped for convenience and discretion. Liner - very light urine loss, slight wetness, thinnest pad, compare to poise liner; light & light long: light urine loss, occasional leakage, thin and absorbent, compare to poise thin; medium & medium long: light to moderate urine loss, more frequent occurrence, increased absorbency, compare to poise regular; heavy & heavy long: moderate to heavy urine loss, extended protection; heavy absorbency, compare to poise extra & ultra; maximum and maximum long: heavy urine loss, day or night maximum protection most absorbent pad, compare to poise extra plus & ultra plus. Quality guaranteed: this topcare product is laboratory tested to guarantee its highest quality. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. Individually wrapped. Quality guaranteed. Compare to poise* brand.