Purina Beggin' Crunch Smoked Bacon Dog Treats - 16 oz. Pouch

Tempt your dog with the bold, bacony flavor that makes Purina Beggin' Crunch Smoked Bacon Flavor dog treats so irresistible. With an enticing aroma, a mouthwatering texture and a smoky bacon flavor that tastes just like your breakfast favorite, Purina Beggin' dog treats deliver a multisensory snacking experience sure to keep your dog's tail wagging. Each wholesome biscuit features real bacon as the #1 ingredient, and dogs love the satisfying meaty crunch. These natural dog treats are made with limited ingredients and produced in U.S.A. facilities, so you can feel good about the snacks you serve to your dog every day. Give your faithful friend a Beggin' Crunch Smoked Bacon Flavor dog treat as a delectable snack between meals. As soon as you open the box and the aroma of bacon hits the air, watch him come running in anticipation of the Beggin' taste he loves. Reward your dog with the irresistible taste of real bacon when you serve Purina Beggin' Crunch Smoked Bacon Flavor dog treats at snack time. This wholesome recipe is made from bacon and other high-quality natural ingredients, giving you added peace of mind every time he takes a bite. These Beggin' Crunch snacks have a rich aroma that lets your dog know something delicious is coming his way, and the crunchy texture gives him something to happily nibble on. Feed these dog snacks according to the instructions on the product package based on his weight as a delectable complement to his complete and balanced diet. For even more scrumptious snacking options, check out our complete line of Purina Beggin' dog treats, including our Purina Beggin' Strips Bacon Flavor dog treats or our Purina Beggin' BBQ Style dog treats. Create special moments you can both treasure when you offer him one of these wholesome biscuits, and make the time your share together even more enjoyable.As a proud pet parent, keeping your dog happy and providing healthy nutrition are at the top of your priority list. At Purina, that's why we put quality at the top of ours. Each of our recipes is made with high-quality ingredients, and our Beggin' dog treats are backed by Purina's more than 85 years of innovation and pushing pet nutrition forward. These natural dog treats are produced in U.S.A. facilities, and each batch undergoes checks to help ensure quality and safety, giving you added peace of mind every time you reach for a treat. Show your dog just how special he is to you by making Purina Beggin' Crunch Smoked Bacon Flavor dog treats part of his every day snack time routine, and feel good knowing you are feeding him a delicious treat crafted by a trusted brand. Real bacon is the #1 ingredient Made with limited ingredients Natural dog treat Produced in U.S.A. facilities The mouth-watering Beggin' taste dogs love Checked for quality and safety to provide added peace of mind Satisfying crunch in every serving