Purina Dog Chow Dry Dog Food, Tender & Crunchy With Real Lamb - 18 lb. Bag

Feed your best friend the variety and taste he deserves with a bowl of Purina Dog Chow Tender & Crunchy with Real Lamb adult dry dog food. For dogs who want variety, this tasty food for dogs is made with real lamb to provide the protein he needs to help support his muscles. It delivers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs. It's made with a combination of tender pieces and crunchy bites that dogs - including yours - love to eat. The medley of flavors and textures will entice your hungry dog at mealtime and encourage him to eat his way to the bottom of the bowl. The blend of nutritious ingredients along with 23 vitamins and minerals found in every bite is formulated to provide him with the nutrition he needs while supporting his immune system and healthy skin and coat. Carefully crafted by in the USA by Purina employees who trust it enough to feed it to their own dogs, this dry food provides the nutrition you can trust to help keep your adult dog active throughout a long and healthy life.