Paws Premium Puppy Food, Puppy Formula

Contains DHA, a nutrient important for healthy brain and vision development. Made with high quality protein. Rich in calcium and highly digestible. Choose Paws Premium for your pal. No one understands that special relationship between people and their pets better than the folks at Paws. Paws knows that the connection between you and your pet involves more than quality food. Healthy pets need attention, interaction, and unconditional love to flourish. That's what our pets are telling us each time they jump with delight when they see you, plant wet kisses on your face, or gently purr while warming your lap. Paws understands that our pets are lifelong pals. Each package of Paws pet food celebrates this special bond by featuring 2 pals. You'll see pals that look alike, pals sharing daily routines, pals with the same attitude, and pals on new adventures. Paws knows your pet is your pal. Paws Premium Puppy Formula Puppy Food is formulated with all the extra nutrition that a growing puppy needs. The concentrated nutrition in Paws Premium Puppy Food provides the calories puppies need no matter the size or breed. Follow the feeding guidelines on the package. Large breed puppies should not be overfed. Overfeeding your puppy can lead to an overweight puppy and poor body condition. Be sure to take your puppy to your local veterinarian. With proper regular care, your puppy can lead a long and healthy life. Paws Premium Puppy Formula Puppy Food provides rich sources of calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth. Paws Premium Puppy Formula Puppy Food provides high quality protein for strong, healthy muscles. Paws Premium Puppy Formula Puppy Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food nutrient profiles for the growth of puppies. Quality Guarantee: 100% satisfaction.