FANCY FEAST Appetizers Cat Food, Fish, Wet, Adult

Indulge your cat's love of gourmet flavors with Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers Oceanfish With a Shrimp Topper in a Delicate Broth adult cat complement. This tempting cat complement features real, recognizable ingredients that look good enough for you, but this complement is created just for your cat. The flaked texture offers something delicious for your cat, while the delicate broth invites her to lap up every last savory drop. Intended as a complement to your adult cat's complete and balanced diet, this appetizer offers the elevated dining experience she loves as a special treat between meals. She gets the decadent flavors she desires, and you get the peace of mind that comes from serving her a product crafted from high-quality, recognizable ingredients you know and trust. Set aside special moments with your cat when you offer her a Fancy Feast cat food complement.