Ragu Sauce, Classic Alfredo 16 oz

Savor the creamy and delicious taste of Ragú Classic Alfredo Sauce. Bring your meal together with our rich cheese sauces made with cream and real cheese for delicious flavor. Quality ingredients like savory Parmesan and Romano cheese and cream are blended together for a perfectly balanced creamy pasta sauce the whole family will love. Cook like a mother with a classic cheese sauce bursting with flavor. Toss the cream sauce with cooked pasta and roasted chicken to make a classic Chicken Alfredo, or mix with fresh ingredients like broccoli and roasted red peppers for a quick and tasty family dinner. Alfredo pasta sauce is also excellent drizzled over Eggs Benedict or used to make Fettuccine Alfredo Carbonara. This cheesy Alfredo sauce is the perfect ingredient for a tasty family dinner you and the kids will enjoy. For over 80 years, Ragú has made Italian pasta sauces inspired by an Italian mother's recipes for a familiar taste that feels like home. To maintain freshness, refrigerate this 16 oz. jar of white pasta sauce after opening.