Campbell's Pasta, Original A to Z's 15.8 oz

Campbell's® SpaghettiOs® A to Z's is a tasty and filling fun-shaped pasta dish made with no artificial flavors and no preservatives added. For over 50 years, families have turned to SpaghettiOs® pasta for a quick and delicious dish. Campbell's SpaghettiOs A to Z's are made with alphabet-shaped pasta in a cheesy tomato sauce, packed with 11 grams of protein and 20 % of daily vegetables per 1 cup. Those spoonable little Os are easy and fun for kids to eat... but we don’t blame you for stealing a bite. Be a kid with your kid! Campbell's® SpaghettiOs® is named after the classic shape that has brought smiles to kids’ mouths for half a century. With over 100 million cans sold each year, it’s no surprise this simple, affordable pasta dish has been a family favorite for four generations of Americans. — A healthy kids entree featuring alphabet-shaped pasta in a delicious tomato and cheese sauce Each 15.8 oz. can has 1 serving 20% of daily vegetables per serving No artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives added Great for a quick and easy afternoon snack