Glad + ForceFlex Odor Shield Tall Kitchen Bags, 13 Gallon, Fresh Clean, Mega Pack

13 gal (49.2 lt). 2 x 2 ft (7/8 in x 0.90 mil) (top)/0.82 mil (body) (61.0 cm x 63.2 cm x 22.9/20.8 mcm). Neutralizes odors with Febreze freshness. Available in these great scents. Visit to learn more. Questions? Comments? Visit our website at Call 1-800-835-4523. Carton made with 100% recycled paperboard. Minimum 35% post consumer content. ForceFlex bags have real stretchable strength. ForceFlex: Unique ForceFlex diamond pattern delivers real stretch to prevent rips and tears (Compared to leading private label 13-gallon flex-type bags). Bargain Flex Bag: Bargain flex bags offer limited stretch. Made in the USA.