Lemi Shine Dishwashing Detergent, Powder + Gel Combo

Powered by 100% natural citric extracts. Farewell food. Goodbye grease. Clean freak approved! Powerful formulas. Safer products. Dishes so clean - you can eat off them! Dramatic cleaning power. Sparkling shine. Removes tea & coffee stains. Grease cutting. Rinses away residue. Burnt & baked on food. 48-hour stuck on food. Spotless glassware. Brilliantly clean silverware. No pre-wash needed. Etch protection. Helps maintain dishwasher. Entertain with confidence - no more lipstick stains. Safe to use on dishwasher safe cookware. Sippy cup safe, chlorine free and made with non-toxic surfactants. For a brilliant shine everytime add Lemi Shine Rinse. To maximize dishwasher performance, use Lemi Shine Dishwasher Cleaner once a month. In the toughest water conditions add Lemi Shine Booster. Non-toxic. Biodegradable. Phosphate free. No artificial fillers or dyes. Septic system friendly. We're here to help. Facebook/LemiShine. LemiShine.com. 888.336.2582 M-F 9am - 5pm (CST). We believe clean freaks deserve cleaning products worthy of their high standards. Products that get the job done better, with plenty of peace of mind and no questionable chemicals. Clean freaks, we've got your back. Made in the USA.