Mean Green Cleaner & Degreaser, Super Strength

Toughness you can trust. Works better on tough grease & grime. Concentrated formula. Indoor. Outdoor. Garage. Cleans tough grease and grime. When you've got cleaning jobs that have to get done right the first time, reach for Mean Green because it's the bottled toughness you can trust. Indoors: Kitchen: counter tops; refrigerators; greasy stoves; sinks; range hoods; floors. Bathroom: toilets; tub & tile; soap scum; shower curtains; garbage cans; shower stalls. Laundry: grease stains; blood stains; ink stains; pet stains; grass stains; oil stains. Outdoors: Patio: grills; garden equipment; furniture; coolers; deck wash; awnings/mats. Garage: auto parts; lawn equipment; tires; sports gear; boats; filters. Recreation: RV's; boats; ATV's; camping gear; helmets; sports equipment. Check out other Mean Green products such as Mildew Destroyer, Orange Champ, and Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Cleaners. Contains water, glycol ether solvent, detergents and alkaline builders. Biodegradable cleaning agents. Contains no acid, bleach or ammonia. Safe for septic tanks. Facebook: Like us and see how tough we are. Manufacturers liability is limited to replacement of product, or refund of purchase price upon return of unused portion and proof of purchase. Made in the USA.