A & H Scrub 'n' Wipe Microfiber 2 'n' 1 Sponge Pads - 2 CT

Microfiber 2'n'1 Scrub 'n' Wipe Sponge Pads. Safe for non-stick cookware. Scrubs, cleans, absorbs. Dual-sided cleaning. A&H™. Auto&home. Branded products. Safe for non-stick cookware! Machine washable and dryable! Cleans quicker and easier! 2 pack. The terry side is for wiping and general cleaning, while the scrubbing side removes tough dirt and stains. With fibers much thinner than a human hair, the microfiber strands pick up and trap dirt, dust, and grime for a faster, easier clean! Long lasting and durable quality.