QuickaSteam Microwave Cooking Bags - 25 CT

QuickaSteam Microwave Cooking Bags. 25 large 3-6 serving bags. Growing UK jobs. Microwave steam cooking bags. Cook your veg in just 3 mins. Retains flavour and goodness better and quicker than any other cooking method. It simply works! Simply bag. 3 cm seal. Cook. Technology by Toastabags. No fuss healthy eating with the microwave steam cooking system. Quickasteam bags allow you to steam cook in your microwave, fresh and frozen vegetables, chicken, fish and more, sealing in the natural goodness and taste for a healthy diet. Planit products. Tel: +44 (0) 1684 574797. info@toastabags.com. www.toastabags.com. Toastabags is a trading division of Planit Products Ltd. Please re-cycle paper.