Roadhouse Bar-B-Que Sauce, Sweet & Smoky, Original Recipe

Dang! This is good sauce! Roadhouse Original Recipe Bar-B-Que Sauce is mild, sweet, and smoky; an all purpose family style sauce that is bursting with robust flavor! Warm it up for twice the taste! For fullest flavor, warm up Roadhouse Bar-B-Que Sauce separately and pour it on when the meat is fully cooked and ready to hit the plate. Roadhouse Bar-B-Que sauces aren't just for grilling anymore. Perk up your baked beans or chili, or try simple sloppy joe. A fun twist is to substitute Roadhouse Texas tango Bar-B-Que sauce and use the mixture as a taco filling! Roadhouse Bar-B-Que sauces are made using ingredients you'd find in your own kitchen, making them the best dang barbeque sauces you've ever tasted! Kansas City International BBQ Cookoff: People Choice Award 3 years in a row! And nothing else. No artificial ingredients, fat & cholesterol free, with low, low sodium. Gluten, nut, & dairy free. No oils, no msg. Recyclable glass, do the right thing.