Capri Sun Roarin Waters Strawberry Kiwi Surf Water Beverage 10 - 6 fl oz Pouches

No. 1 kids favorite flavored water. You only want what's best for your kids, and so do we! That's why we're committed to making Capri Sun Roarin water with all-natural ingredients. Everything that goes into our pouches is there to bring out the epicness of childhood. In other words, it's all good. A wave of deliciousness. Capri Sun Roarin waters is the perfect combination of refreshing, hydrating water and the epic fruit flavors that kids love. It’s made with all natural ingredients and has 50% less sugar than the average leading fruit juices (per 12 fl oz, This product 15 g total sugars, leading average fruit juices 40g total sugars). With that much awesomeness in every pouch, Capri Sun Roarin waters is the flavored water that’s guarantee to make a splash.