Gerber® Graduates® Grilled Chicken Nuggets Shaped Patties 2 Pack 6.52 oz. Tray

Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture. Good to Remember: Perfect for when you need a toddler 2+ friendly protein to use as a replacement in your family's meal. Convenient to prepare and serve. Easy to chew. Just the right size and texture. Good Question: When would I serve Gerber® Graduates® Grilled Chicken Nuggets to my little one? Good to Know: Sometimes the meat or poultry in your family's meal just isn't appropriate for your little one. It may be too tough to chew or too spicy. The experts at Gerber developed this product specifically for the needs of toddlers 2+ years. Your child may be ready if she or he: Runs well without falling; sits in a booster seat or child seat at family meals; chews skillfully and efficiently. Gerber Graduates Grilled Chicken Nuggets are carefully prepared for your toddler with no preservatives and here's how we do it... Prior to cooking, we remove most of the air and seal the package. The food is then pressure-cooked so no preservatives are needed. Our recipes are ready to eat with 100% Gerber® Graduates® Goodness inside. Toddler 2 + Made with Tender White Meat, No Preservatives Packed in Chicken Broth For When You Need Protein to Add to a Meal 4g of Protein per Serving