Garden Fresh Gourmet® Kettle Style Toasted Sesame Tortilla Chips 14 oz. Bag

Today Garden Fresh is America’s #1 Award Winning Fresh SalsaMy kids till work for us (the stopped laughing a while ago), my accountant is now Garden Fresh’s CFO, and the city helped find us the land to build a new production facility.I still make Garden Fresh salsa exactly the same way i did in the back of our restaurant-in five gallon buckets using only the best, freshest ingredients. I apply that same chef’s mentality to our Kettle Style Tortilla Chips. Not only are these chips the perfect complement to our Garden Fresh salsa, we believe they're the best chips you can buy. From our family to yours, enjoy!Jack Aronson, President, Garden Fresh Gourmet The Garden Fresh Gourmet HistoryMy kids laughed at me when i first started making fresh salsa in the back of our small restaurant in Ferndale, Michigan. The restaurant was struggling-my accountant was always yelling at me for using only the most expensive ingredients-but I couldn’t resist making and serving the best food possible. Before long, customers were pouring in just or our fresh salsa.One day the president of an upscale supermarket chain walked in, tried our fresh salsa and demanded we package it for his stores. So began the Garden Fresh adventure. In those days we made our fresh salsa in five gallon buckets and packaged it in back of our restaurant, until the city threatened to shut us down. Orders for salsa were coming in faster than we could fill them, so we built our own plant. A portion of the proceeds of this product benefits the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. America's #1 Deli Chip From America's #1 Award-Winning Salsa Company!