Popsicle® Jolly Rancher™ Blue Raspberry/Cherry/Grape/Green Apple Ice Pops 18 ct Box

The original brand. Smaller box. Still 18 pops. Cherry, blue raspberry, green apple and grape flavored ice pops. Artificial flavor added. A quiescently frozen confection. Blue raspberry. Cherry. Grape. Green apple. 18 pack. The original brand Popsicle. The original brand Yosicle. If it's sicle. It's fun! Popsicle, Fudgsicle, Creamsicle, & Yosicle are all part of the Sicle brand family. The original brand Fudgsicle. The original brand Creamsicle. Questions or Comments? Call: 1-800-931-2849 or visit us online at www.popsicle.com. Recyclable.