Totino's Pizza Rolls, Pepperoni & Pork Shoulder Bacon 50 ea

We took a pepperoni pizza roll and added bacon. Pretty sure we never have to invent anything else again. Check out Totino’s Pepperoni & Bacon Pizza Rolls. Crispy crust on the outside. Perfection inside. Instructions on the back, deliciousness on the inside. From quiet nights on the couch to catching the game with friends, Totino’s Pepperoni & Bacon Pizza Rolls are the perfect any-occasion snack and tasty poppable bites. Whether you're feeding a crowd or simply need a little nibble, these frozen pizza rolls are ready when you are. Sixty seconds in the microwave is all it takes to enjoy these crispy pizza snacks. Totino's Pizza Rolls can also be prepared in an air fryer in under 10 minutes. Contains 50 pizza rolls in total.