Mike's Strawberry Margarita - 6 PK

Mike's® Strawberry Margarita. If you had a strawberry patch, you'd have done the same thing. The chips aren't really down until you are out of dip. Authentic margarita taste. Made with natural lime juice and agave nectar. Cold. Hard. Refreshing. Contains alcohol 5% Alc/vol. Premium malt beverage. ®is a registered trademark of Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. Flavored beer. Mike loves a good margarita, so before he would put his name on one, he tasted hundreds of margaritas until he found the perfect balance of taste and refreshment; Mike's classic margarita; perfectly blended. Ready to drink. 6 x 11.2 fl oz bottles. Crafted to remove gluten. Mike's is fermented from grains that contain gluten and crafted to remove gluten, the gluten content cannot be verified and this product may contain gluten. For more information on how Mike's is crafted to remove gluten, go to mikeshard.com. ©2014 Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. Mike's thinks your two cents are worth a lot. Give us yours at www.mikeshard.com/twocents. Mike's is hard. So is prison. Don't drive Drunk®. Please recycle. MWV. Manufactured by MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems, LLC.